What is an ATA?

ATA is an acronym for Analog Telephone Adapter.  An ATA usually takes the form of a small box with a power adapter.  It allows you to connect your traditional analog phones to the Internet and place Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls.  But remember, that existing phones may not support many of the amazing features [...]

Can I use cordless phones?

Yes. Newwall Communications offers cordless phones to provide your business with in-office mobility. If you want to use a different cordless telephone, like ones you already have, we will need to provide you an ATA. We’ll connect the ATA to your router and connect your cordless phone to the ATA. This will allow the ATA [...]

What features are included?

Newwall Communications delivers complete business functionality with a rich set of standard features for your office phone system. You'll get everything you need in one complete package with one low price. The system included reliable phone and fax service with unlimited calling and faxing (US & Canada), HD video meetings and conferencing, multiple extensions, auto [...]

What is a Vanity Phone Number?

A vanity phone number is one that is easy for your customers to remember. So they're great for companies who do business over the phone on a national level or those who spend a lot of money on display advertising, like a billboard. Relying on customers to remember the 10 digit number they just saw [...]

What is Newwall Communications Mobil Office?

Newwall Communications is a full service, cloud-based business phone and fax system. It combines a hosted phone system with advanced call and fax management, reliable phone and fax service, and full-featured IP phones that arrive pre-configured and ready for use. In addition, we offer complete system design and cable installation for a truly turnkey product. [...]