Project Description

Every system includes built-in online fax, or internet fax, service. Online fax service works for both inbound and outbound faxing.  This means you can have all the benefits of faxing without buying a fax machine, and without buying an extra fax line.  You don’t even need an additional phone number.Even better, our internet fax service is FREE for normal business usage. Many internet fax products cost $20 to $50 every month, but yours is included at no cost with your service.  You can send 100 fax pages every month at no charge.  If you need more, it’s just a few cents per page. Inbound faxes use plan minutes.

Better Fax Features

For inbound faxes, callers simply dial your number and press the send button on their fax machine .  Our system automatically detects faxes, receives them electronically, and posts them to your account. You can then view them online or have them forwarded to your email address. Simple and effective.

On outbound faxes, you can upload your documents to your online fax library and send as needed.  The library stores your documents so you can send them again without the hassle or delay of additional uploads that you get from other online fax products.  It’s perfect for common forms that you send repeatedly. We also keep an online fax history so you can find what you’ve sent before.

Whether inbound or outbound, the Newwall Communications online fax service is the only internet fax solution you need.