Project Description

Every extension can be designated as a “Live Extension” or a “Mail-Only Extension”.

A live extension is one that connects callers directly to your employees.  Calls come into your main number, the caller selects the extension or department that is needed, and a call is placed to the phone number of the employee that owns the live extension.  Once we get the employee on the line, we connect the caller and the two parties can talk. Live extensions can employ follow-me calling to make sure the extension owner is reached no matter where he or she might be.

Mail-only extensions just go to voicemail boxes where the caller can hear recorded messages and/or leave a message for your company.  For example, you can set up a mail-only extension to play a message that gives callers office hours or driving directions. Or you can make your operator extension a mailbox that just takes voicemail messages rather than going to a live extension.