Small Business VoIP System Without the Cost

Get a complete suite of communications services for small businesses by just downloading and installing our Genesis VoIP App on your mobile device.  Genesis Anywhere VoIP App is a complete suite of hosted services (currently only available in the US).  The Genesis VoIP App gives you flexible, cost-effective communications to connect your employees, provide better service to your customers, increase productivity, and grow your business.   And, you don’t have to purchase expensive single phone systems.  Just use your mobile device and an internet connection, you can quickly have all the communications services you want, anywhere and for just a small monthly fee.    With Genesis VoIP App, you can have it all — a high-quality, big company solution at low cost.  And, you only pay for the services you need.


Reliable, Flexible, and Scalable Solution

Genesis Anywhere is a platform designed with the business and individual user in mind that want solid phone applications, with awesome features, without the cute stickers, social media, and unwanted advertising.  We do that with our Genesis VoIP App that gives you complete control from anywhere.

  • Cost effective – No expensive equipment to purchase
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Easy to scale up as your business grows
  • Easily add or remove users at any time
  • Unlimited long distance with App-to-App
  • Low international rates Mobile-to-Mobile or land line.
  • Fixed low monthly cost – No Setup fee – No Contracts


How it Works

The Genesis Anywhere App is a cloud service that enables communications over your existing internet connection through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).  It runs on the platforms you use every day (Windows, OSX, iOS, Android) so you can make phone calls using your current computer or smartphone.  There’s no need to buy a new phone.

You can order additional phone numbers, and use them directly from your mobile phone on the same App.  Callers will never see your real cell phone number, unless you want them to.  Great for business and marketers that need multiple lines on the same phone.


Office Mobility

As a small business, it’s always a challenge to stay in touch when juggling simultaneous projects from different geographic locations.  This is especially true when you can’t afford, or do not want the cost of a standard office communications system.  You need a flawless communications system that sets up quickly and can be changed even faster.

Your business need an flexible, professional mobile phone system that can be relied upon and has the features you need to serve both employees working in the office as well as those operating remotely.

Above all, your business phone systems need to be reliable.  Businesses can’t afford to miss calls because of software or hardware glitches or technical routing failures.  With more and more companies moving away from operating from the traditional, centralized office building, the need is critical for a solution that can be accessible from wherever employees are working.

Newwall Communications offers the Genesis VoIP App for your mobile phone that provides an entire phone system operating over a standard high-speed Internet connection.

Download the Genesis VoIP App

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